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Care Tips & Tricks

Removing Grease and Oil

Using CRC Brakleen is an excellent way to remove grease or oil from all forms of textiles from clothing to carpets . It is perfectly clear,  dissolves the  grease or oil and leaves no residue. We use it to remove any oil spots our quilting machines occasionally drop. As is normal practice, try it first on somewhere non critical to make sure it doesn't harm the fabric. 


Removing Blood

Try your own saliva, if it's your blood. Apparently it contains enzymes that will break down the protein in your blood. Failing that we have good success with carpet cleaners. Just follow the instructions on the can.

Cleaning of Woollen Underlays

The wool used in our underlays and toppers isn't machine washable so should only be dry cleaned. Do not wash in a washing machine or dry in a tumble dryer.
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